🌳 Spending time in nature, or bringing the great outdoors into your everyday life, can benefit both your mental and physical health. During these difficult times of lockdown it is now more important than ever to help protect your wellbeing, and it’s proven that the great outdoors can improve your mood, reducing feelings of stress, and the crisp fresh air can work wonders to improve your physical health too. 💪

Another great way of improving your mental and physical wellbeing is to take up a hobby, helping to engage your mind, get creative and more importantly, get outdoors. What a better way to start a hobby than with something that is already at your fingertips – your camera. 📸

We are launching our Winter Well-being Photography Competition. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a happy snapper, the world is different through everyones eyes, so we would like to see it through yours.

The theme for our competition is “Autumn”. To enter, submit below or send your photograph to competition@appleframes.co.uk and like us on Facebook. The winner will receive their photograph in the frame of their choice from our website www.appleframes.co.uk. The runner up will win their photograph in one of our “Photographers Collection” frames. The deadline for the competition is the 5th of December with the winner being announced on the 10th.

Take care, stay safe and more importantly, GOOD LUCK! 🥳 😷