Fun Gallery Exhibition 1983 – Keith Haring – Art Print

Fun Gallery Exhibition 1983 – Keith Haring – Art Print. In 1983 Keith Haring produced this image for his upcoming exhibition at the Fun Gallery in New York which was founded by film stars Patti Astor and Bill Stelling. The gallery was instrumental in helping introduce underground artists into the mainstream art world. The poster is an example of Haring’s artistic ability to create pulsating movement through the use of dense visual imagery, bold lines and vibrant colours.
Matt 250gsm water colour paper paper. A very versatile high quality paper made in Germany from acid and chlorine free wood pulp. The paper is manufactured on a Fourdrinier Machine, a process first perfected by and patented by the Fourdrinier brothers in 1803.


Approx Image Size: 30 x 25 cm
Approx Framed Size: 35 x 30 cm


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